Of Sweaters and “Stinkerballs” – Among Other Things

Brea is going along nicely. The front and back are done and are the same size (no mean feat, when you consider my issues with gauge). I adore the color so far, and the yarn is marvelous!  While I did the front and back separately, I have cast on both sleeves, and will work them simultaneously. The way I knit, this – or double knitting, which I will not try with cables – is the only way I have ever been able to guarantee that both sleeves will be the same size.

Because Rowan Lima is a chained yarn, rather than a plied yarn, weaving in the ends has been wonderful. It’s much easier to catch the appropriate bits of the back of the piece to weave the ends in, This is an especially good thing, because I do like to take breaks and weave the ends in as I go, so I don’t have a forest of ends to bury after the item is made up. It’s especially good in this case, since each of the two bags of yarn I ordered seems to have what I term a “stinkerball.” This is a ball of yarn that has a ton of loose ends. Sometimes, the ends are left loose, like the ball I am working with on one sleeve. Other times, there are knots – usually needing to be undone because they fall in bad spots and would show on the outside of the garment (like the stinkerball in the first bag of yarn). Stinkerballs are mostly annoying, rather than really problematic, but I dislike them, especially since they seem to occur more in higher end yarns. However, as my mother would have said, this should be my worst problem….

I have a few things waiting for when this project is done. The first is another sweater in Rowan yarn – Crete. It’s a basket stitch sweater, designed for a guy, but I know how to adjust it down to fit me. It’s done in Rowan’s Creative Linen yarn. After that, I have a shawl kit from Craftsy to do. It’s called the Old Toll Road Shawl, and is a rectangular shawl in a lovely lacy stitch. That will be done in Wool Fingering Twist from Cloudborn Fibers. Also down the pike are two crocheted yoga mat bags, to be made out of good, old, reliable Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. One of the yoga mat bags will be for my yoga teacher. More details on these projects will come as I get to work on them.


One of *THOSE* Days

I’m making a scarf for a client. And I ran out of yarn halfway through.  I have yarn that is very close in color.

I sent the client an email, showing the scarf, with about an inch done in the second color. She couldn’t see the change.  I sent her two better pics, against a white background, under fluorescent light, giving her three choices:

  1. I continue in the second color, and if the scarf is not good, I will refund her deposit;
  2. She can choose another color for the scarf;
  3. I will refund her deposit and we will call it equal.

So far, she thinks the scarf will be fine in the second color. I have shown five people besides the client either the actual scarf, or two pics of it showing the color change. Out of the five, only one could spot the change (and not the person who saw the actual scarf).


(Can you spot the color change?)

So, I will continue with the scarf, and will send it to her when it’s done.  If she doesn’t like it, I will refund her deposit, and take it back for myself (it does match my coat). At least, I know I handled the problem professionally.

In other news, I have sold a sweater. It’s already boxed to go out in the mail, and I have received payment from the customer. This is exceedingly good news.

After I finish the scarf, I have some other projects to work on:

  1. Fingerless gloves for Judy
  2. Socks for Joanne
  3. Socks for Claudia’s employer
  4. Socks for Claudia
  5. Socks for my accountant
  6. Socks for Stephen Colbert (long story, explained in an earlier post)
  7. Possibly two hats for people in a medievalist group

Then I have some projects of my own to work on:

  1. Finish getting my stash photographed and into my Ravelry database
  2. Sunday Morning Shawl
  3. Temair Throw
  4. Sediment Scraps Blanket (which I may decide to frog)
  5. Great American Afghan

What are your knitting (or yarn-related) projects so far for this year? What progress are you making on them? What projects are you expecting to pop up this year that you haven’t already planned for?

Does Anyone Recognize this Sweater Pattern?

I made this sweater at least a decade or two ago, and I cannot find anything resembling a pattern for it.  I might have improvised it as I went, but I don’t remember doing so.  If anyone can identify the pattern, I would be delighted, because I would love to make another one.


Thanks, everyone!

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