Hello, Again!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted here, but I have a couple of good reasons — heart surgery and spinal surgery. Between hospitals and rehabs, I have not felt much like knitting, writing, or even writing about knitting.

A week ago, however, Ellen Kushner posted a pic of a beautiful sweater her wife had made her. When I finally stopped drooling, I asked Delia for the pattern or a link to it, and she pointed me here. I then spent a few hours searching the web for someone who would have the correct yarn, which had been discontinued, in enough quantity for me to make the sweater in my size. Found the yarn (Rowan’s Lima Color in Colorway 712 – Rosario) at Seattle’s Little Knits. Then came the waiting for the yarn to arrive – one week to the day from ordering it!  It’s amazing yarn – 84% alpaca, 8% merino, and 8% nylon! Buttery soft, and very subtle color variation. It’s a chain, rather than twisted plies, and it knits up deliciously.

I swatched it before dinner, and decided that I needed to go down one size on the needles for the sweater, since I knit a tad loosely. The back has been cast on now, and is an inch long as I type this. If I can keep my gauge steady, which will be no mean feat, this will be the most gorgeous thing I have ever made. Pictures as the sweater happens.


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