Feast or Famine?

Some days, there is no work — others, the projects pile up.  I’m not complaining, mind.  Those projects will enable me to finally get that root canal at some point in the foreseeable future.

This morning, I had 3 pairs of socks commissioned.  This afternoon, I got a commission for a scarf.  Of course, the scarf I got a commission for is one I would have been happy not to make again, but money is money, and I want to make a good share of my money from making things and from writing, so this commission is a Good Thing.  And the client is willing to pay half up front, which is even better, given that things have been a bit tight this month.

Still, this means I have four projects due for other people, in addition to the two for my accountant (barter for her services) and the one I want to do for myself.  (I’m not counting the two for my accountant in the commission total, because there is no time pressure on them.)

So, I have a ton of things happening, knitting-wise, and I am also waiting to hear about a couple of potential jobs — one writing, and one as a Personal Assistant.

All I can do at this point, I think, is to smile and say “It’s all good.”


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