Getting Organized

I have been spending a lot of the last month and a half getting organized, and that includes my knitting stuff.

I have been gathering all my needles into one drawer of my artist’s tray, and one large container (for the long straights), so that after I have found them all I can make a database of what I have , and fill in the gaps.  I’ve been putting all the crochet hooks into a jar, in preparation of doing the same.  My beads are mostly in boxes or bottles, but will also need organization. My art supplies are all over the place, but that’s tangental to getting the craft supplies organized, since there are a lot less of those:  filled notebooks, pencils, pens, rubber stamps, inkpads, and finishing & embossing supplies.

The main focus of my craft organizing campaign, however, has been my yarn.  I have yarn and fiber almost everywhere.  However, as I’ve been finding it, I have been photographing it and entering it — with as much detail as possible — into the “stash” database that is part of my Ravelry account.  Once it is all entered, I can decide what I want to keep, trade, sell, or just get rid of.  (Yeah, comma, right — we know how that last will happen, don’t we?)

I’ve found a lot of the loose yarns already.  There is a storage bin I still need to drag to my room so I can photograph and enter the yarn that landed there while I was cleaning out the living room in December.  And I have a two-shelf barrister bookcase that is full of yarn that I was given as a gift by a friend who was destashing.  And one of the bins under the window with the air conditioner is full of yarn.  I think that there is more yarn in the front closet, in some of the boxes from when I moved to this apartment.  I will get it all entered and stashed, but it will take some time.  And then I need to look at the handspun and the fiber waiting to be spun, and enter those.

One of my goals for 2013 is to finally get all of it organized, so that I know where everything is, and can utilize it all.  We shall see how much of this actually happens.  However much of it does, it will make it that much easier for me to concentrate on other things, like making things and designing things.

Do you have crafting goals for 2013?  If so, what are they?  What would it take to help you get your craft supplies organized?  Do you have spaces that you could utilize for organizing things?  What would it take to create such spaces?


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