Slow Knitting Week/Taking It to the Next Level

I know we all have them, and mine is for a good reason…I am continuing to organize my living space.

I’m working on the second pair of sock to raise money for a root canal.  these are for my friend J, and are green, blue, & red.  I’m about halfway up the leg, so far, which is nowhere near as much as I should be, but life is intervening, and I’m happy for it, honestly.

It’s not that I don’t love my knitting; I do.  But I know that the more organized I get my living space, the better things will be.

For example, once I find all of my stash, I can enter it into my Ravelry notebook, and keep better track of what I have, what gets used, and what I should destash.

It will also let me see what projects I have lying around unfinished, and either finish them or frog them so I can reuse the yarn.

Once I find all my needles and hooks, I can begin to organize my collection, and get rid of what I no longer want.

I can set up one area in my living space to work on things.  My roommate has a desk in this room that she doesn’t really want, but she would like the desk I have been using.  Once the space is set up better, i can switch to the other desk, and give her this one.  The other desk is actually better, in that it has shelves I can set up my craft supplies on, including my beading supplies, tools, and projects, and the drawing books I have been collecting (yes, I do a little drawing).

I will be planning a few projects for this year once the space overhaul is done.  Notably, I intend to master the brioche stitch, and take another try at stranded colorwork.    (One of the best things about knitting, for me, is that no matter how much I already know, there is always something new to learn.)  I also plan to get into designing a bit more, since I want to be able to make and sell patterns for things.

How are you doing on your knitting for 2013?  Do you have any special projects planned?  Any skills or techniques you want to master?  What is the next level for you, and how do you plan to take your crafting there?




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rae
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 06:38:25

    I have a few knitting goals like knitting 6 pairs of socks & 6 shawls or shawlettes. The biggest thing I want to do is steek something. I am not sure why but oh that excites me lol.


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