One of *THOSE* Days

I’m making a scarf for a client. And I ran out of yarn halfway through.  I have yarn that is very close in color.

I sent the client an email, showing the scarf, with about an inch done in the second color. She couldn’t see the change.  I sent her two better pics, against a white background, under fluorescent light, giving her three choices:

  1. I continue in the second color, and if the scarf is not good, I will refund her deposit;
  2. She can choose another color for the scarf;
  3. I will refund her deposit and we will call it equal.

So far, she thinks the scarf will be fine in the second color. I have shown five people besides the client either the actual scarf, or two pics of it showing the color change. Out of the five, only one could spot the change (and not the person who saw the actual scarf).


(Can you spot the color change?)

So, I will continue with the scarf, and will send it to her when it’s done.  If she doesn’t like it, I will refund her deposit, and take it back for myself (it does match my coat). At least, I know I handled the problem professionally.

In other news, I have sold a sweater. It’s already boxed to go out in the mail, and I have received payment from the customer. This is exceedingly good news.

After I finish the scarf, I have some other projects to work on:

  1. Fingerless gloves for Judy
  2. Socks for Joanne
  3. Socks for Claudia’s employer
  4. Socks for Claudia
  5. Socks for my accountant
  6. Socks for Stephen Colbert (long story, explained in an earlier post)
  7. Possibly two hats for people in a medievalist group

Then I have some projects of my own to work on:

  1. Finish getting my stash photographed and into my Ravelry database
  2. Sunday Morning Shawl
  3. Temair Throw
  4. Sediment Scraps Blanket (which I may decide to frog)
  5. Great American Afghan

What are your knitting (or yarn-related) projects so far for this year? What progress are you making on them? What projects are you expecting to pop up this year that you haven’t already planned for?


A Post I Think Every Woman should Read

Artbeco is a wonderful crafter, and a mom. This post, “Doing it all. Or not.” is an excellent exploration of a dichotomy that many women face on a daily basis.

In truth, women face this dichotomy whether they are parents or not, and whether they are crafters of office workers or not, and I have rarely seen the issue stated so clearly or coherently.

Does Anyone Recognize this Sweater Pattern?

I made this sweater at least a decade or two ago, and I cannot find anything resembling a pattern for it.  I might have improvised it as I went, but I don’t remember doing so.  If anyone can identify the pattern, I would be delighted, because I would love to make another one.


Thanks, everyone!

Feast or Famine?

Some days, there is no work — others, the projects pile up.  I’m not complaining, mind.  Those projects will enable me to finally get that root canal at some point in the foreseeable future.

This morning, I had 3 pairs of socks commissioned.  This afternoon, I got a commission for a scarf.  Of course, the scarf I got a commission for is one I would have been happy not to make again, but money is money, and I want to make a good share of my money from making things and from writing, so this commission is a Good Thing.  And the client is willing to pay half up front, which is even better, given that things have been a bit tight this month.

Still, this means I have four projects due for other people, in addition to the two for my accountant (barter for her services) and the one I want to do for myself.  (I’m not counting the two for my accountant in the commission total, because there is no time pressure on them.)

So, I have a ton of things happening, knitting-wise, and I am also waiting to hear about a couple of potential jobs — one writing, and one as a Personal Assistant.

All I can do at this point, I think, is to smile and say “It’s all good.”

Getting Organized

I have been spending a lot of the last month and a half getting organized, and that includes my knitting stuff.

I have been gathering all my needles into one drawer of my artist’s tray, and one large container (for the long straights), so that after I have found them all I can make a database of what I have , and fill in the gaps.  I’ve been putting all the crochet hooks into a jar, in preparation of doing the same.  My beads are mostly in boxes or bottles, but will also need organization. My art supplies are all over the place, but that’s tangental to getting the craft supplies organized, since there are a lot less of those:  filled notebooks, pencils, pens, rubber stamps, inkpads, and finishing & embossing supplies.

The main focus of my craft organizing campaign, however, has been my yarn.  I have yarn and fiber almost everywhere.  However, as I’ve been finding it, I have been photographing it and entering it — with as much detail as possible — into the “stash” database that is part of my Ravelry account.  Once it is all entered, I can decide what I want to keep, trade, sell, or just get rid of.  (Yeah, comma, right — we know how that last will happen, don’t we?)

I’ve found a lot of the loose yarns already.  There is a storage bin I still need to drag to my room so I can photograph and enter the yarn that landed there while I was cleaning out the living room in December.  And I have a two-shelf barrister bookcase that is full of yarn that I was given as a gift by a friend who was destashing.  And one of the bins under the window with the air conditioner is full of yarn.  I think that there is more yarn in the front closet, in some of the boxes from when I moved to this apartment.  I will get it all entered and stashed, but it will take some time.  And then I need to look at the handspun and the fiber waiting to be spun, and enter those.

One of my goals for 2013 is to finally get all of it organized, so that I know where everything is, and can utilize it all.  We shall see how much of this actually happens.  However much of it does, it will make it that much easier for me to concentrate on other things, like making things and designing things.

Do you have crafting goals for 2013?  If so, what are they?  What would it take to help you get your craft supplies organized?  Do you have spaces that you could utilize for organizing things?  What would it take to create such spaces?

Slow Knitting Week/Taking It to the Next Level

I know we all have them, and mine is for a good reason…I am continuing to organize my living space.

I’m working on the second pair of sock to raise money for a root canal.  these are for my friend J, and are green, blue, & red.  I’m about halfway up the leg, so far, which is nowhere near as much as I should be, but life is intervening, and I’m happy for it, honestly.

It’s not that I don’t love my knitting; I do.  But I know that the more organized I get my living space, the better things will be.

For example, once I find all of my stash, I can enter it into my Ravelry notebook, and keep better track of what I have, what gets used, and what I should destash.

It will also let me see what projects I have lying around unfinished, and either finish them or frog them so I can reuse the yarn.

Once I find all my needles and hooks, I can begin to organize my collection, and get rid of what I no longer want.

I can set up one area in my living space to work on things.  My roommate has a desk in this room that she doesn’t really want, but she would like the desk I have been using.  Once the space is set up better, i can switch to the other desk, and give her this one.  The other desk is actually better, in that it has shelves I can set up my craft supplies on, including my beading supplies, tools, and projects, and the drawing books I have been collecting (yes, I do a little drawing).

I will be planning a few projects for this year once the space overhaul is done.  Notably, I intend to master the brioche stitch, and take another try at stranded colorwork.    (One of the best things about knitting, for me, is that no matter how much I already know, there is always something new to learn.)  I also plan to get into designing a bit more, since I want to be able to make and sell patterns for things.

How are you doing on your knitting for 2013?  Do you have any special projects planned?  Any skills or techniques you want to master?  What is the next level for you, and how do you plan to take your crafting there?



Happy New Year!

2013-01-01 16.01.07It’s been a crazy week, what with hosting Christmas dinner, the stroke and death of my sister’s fiance, cleaning, and various other things, but I got Claudia’s socks done on the last day of 2012.  They look really great, and I can’t wait for her to try them on!

2013-01-01 15.59.43I also managed to find and photograph an old project of mine — Damson.  The pattern was a gift from a friend, at a point where I really needed something to cheer me up.  And it did that admirably, and reminded me that I love shawl knitting as much as I love sock knitting.

I have started (today) yet another pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks, this time for my friend Joanne.  She chose some J. Picks sock yarn in the Louisiana colorway.  I’m about halfway up the ribbing, and will hopefully have something to post on this one soon.

Claudia has picked out yarn for another pair of socks, although I’m not sure what pattern I will use for them.

So that’s where my knitting is for this month.  I’m going to take a look at the patterns for YOSS-2013 in the next few days.  Hopefully, I won’t bail this year, as I ended up doing last year.

I hope this year brings lots of yarny goodness, health, happiness, and prosperity to all!

See you next time!



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