I apologize…

…for missing posting yesterday, but I was off for the holiday, hosting a dinner for a number of people who are special in my life.

Suffice it to say that a wonderful time was had, with far too much really good food, lots of great conversations, and lot of help with prep and cleanup.  Bonus, I now have a living room that is clean enough and large enough to have friends over.  I also found a lot of yarn that I wondered what had happened to, which is good, since I can now use that yarn.

Work continues on socks for various people, in order to raise money for a badly needed root canal/post/crown.

Since I probably won’t see you folks until 1 January, 2013, let me take a moment to wish everyone a very wonderful rest of the holiday, filled with love, friends, family, and good health, and more of the same, plus prosperity for 2013.


A Treasure from the Past

I believe I have noted before that I learned to knit from my mother.  She learned to knit when she was pregnant with me, from her local knitting store.

I was cleaning out my living room today, with help from my friend J, when I found this:


2012-12-18 17.26.35

This is the baby blanket my mother made me.  It dates from 1952.  I have no idea what yarns were used, except that they were wool.  The background is a medium grey, and the kittens are red and white.  The nursery rhyme depicted is the three little kittens who lost their mittens.  I seriously love this blanket.  I’ve had to repair the background a couple of times, and could not exactly match the yarn, but it’s still one of my favorite things in the universe, and a little reminder of the work Mom put in to get ready for my appearance.

Below are closeups of each kitten.

2012-12-18 17.26.54

2012-12-18 17.27.00








2012-12-18 17.27.00

The best memories are of things that someone loved.  Mom put a lot of love into this blanket, and I’m glad I still have it.  My only sadness is that I don’t have my own little girl to pass it on to, but I’m sure I will find a deserving little girl when the time comes.

Do you have any handmade treasures from your parents?  From other loved ones?  If so, would you be willing to share them (and their stories) with us?


Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace

I’m not a Tuesday’s child; I’m a Friday’s child (loving and giving), but I feel full of grace today.

Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder (Photo

Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder
(Photo © 2012 Deborah J. Wunder)

Several Good Things have happened over the last week.  I got some work done on a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks (by Erica Lueder) for a friend (I just started the heel flap).

I have also gotten inquiries about doing a medievalish sweater for someone, in specific colors.  If any of you are good at pricing handknits, I would appreciate you contacting me, so I can figure out a price to quote the fellow.  I am told that I can charge fairly for this client, because he is in favor of supporting small craftspeople.  If you can assist me in pricing such a garment, please leave word in the comments where I can contact you!

The same gent also wants a close knit hat done in the same color scheme.  I’m pretty sure I can do that, given that I can do fair isle knitting.  Mind, he did not specify a design, just the colors (green, black, red, white), but I have an idea or two for a design I think he would like.  I figure to charge about $30 for the hat, because it’s a bit more complex than I would otherwise do.  If any of folks who are good at pricing want to guide me here, though, it would be appreciated.  Oh, and I would be charging separately for the cost of the yarn for these projects.

And I have had a request that I cannot reveal details about just yet, but it would be a Very Good Thing if all the details can be worked out.

So, that’s my knitting news for the day.  The Sunday Morning Shawlette is on hold for the moment, so I can get these socks done.

See everyone next week, and I hope you get all your holiday knitting, crocheting, or whatever craft is yours done in plenty of time for the actual holidays!



“I’ve declared that Tuesdays are for Random Acts of Patterns (or RAP). It’s the fibery equivalent to Random Acts of Kindness! Most of us have either randomly given or received patterns, so this is not my invention. However, I’d like to make it a movement and get more people involved! So on any random Tuesday that you feel inclined to and/or can afford to, consider randomly selecting a fellow Raveler and gifting him/her a pattern off of his/her queue. 🙂 THEN – Come back here and tell us! I get so inspired by people who participate in RAK, or in this case, RAP, that I’d love to hear all about your generosity in this fab community! 🙂 Of course, you don’t have to wait for a Tuesday. You can participate in a RAP at any time, but I thought Tuesdays could use a little jazzing up!

ALSO – if you’ve been the recipient of a RAP, please share too! We all need a little sunshine in our day!

I sent out a RAP today and put in the message: You’re a recipient of a Random Act of Pattern. Happy Tuesday!

Spread the love! :)”

With this message on Ravelry (posted on 9 Oct, 2012), Karrie (aka KnitPurlGurl) started a tradition that I just found out about today.

I was checking my email and found that I had been gifted with a pattern from one of my favorite designers by the lovely Ethereal Fibers.   I emailed back thanking her, and asking what the “RAP Day” she referred to in her email was.

She explained to me that a knitter named KnitPurlGurl had started this about two months before he passed away, and that a number of knitters were keeping the idea going by gifting others with a pattern on Tuesdays.

Given my circumstances, I can’t do this every week, but I think it’s a wonderful idea, and I intend to participate whenever I can!

In other knitting news, I continue to work on my second Sunday Morning shawl, and to dither about whether or not to turn it into an afghan.  I will also be measuring a friend’s feet tomorrow, and helping her choose a pattern for a pair of socks, the money from which will be put towards the root canal/post/crown I need that my insurance won’t cover.

So, that’s about it for the moment.  If you can, and are so inclined, I hope you choose to take part in RAP Day!

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