Well, I said I would Post on Tuesdays…

…but I have not been knitting still, so I wanted to talk to you about my favorite charity knitting program, The Seamen’s Church Institute’s Christmas at Sea program.

According to their website:

Since 1898, during the Spanish American War, volunteers of the Seamen’s Church Institute have knitted, collected, packed, and distributed gifts to mariners who are miles away from home during the holidays. The gift consists of a handknit garment, a personal letter, and information on SCI’s services for mariners. In addition to this, SCI also includes several useful items like hand lotion, lip balm, and toothbrushes—things difficult to come by when working long stretches on the water.

My own experience with them began a few years after high school, when I wandered down to their headquarters (which was then in lower Manhattan), and requested the patterns they were offering. At the time, there were four patterns on offer: scarf, hat, vest, and socks.
These patterns, plus several more, are now available for download from their website, along with mailing instructions, materials preferences, and a host of other information. I have knit or them many times, since they accept projects all year, with a rough deadline of Thanksgiving for inclusion in any particular year’s donations.

This year, they are also doing a project called the 1200 TEAny Hats Project, making small hats to put on iced tea bottles to be sold at Starbucks to raise awareness about the seamen and women who work on the cargo ships that still transport much of what we use on a daily basis.

With all the worthy causes out there to knit for, I still think this is one of the best, because it brings joy and comfort to those who are giving their time and energy to support us.

Note: Credit for photos in this article goes to the Seamen’s Church Institute (used with permission).


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