I Know, It’s Been Too Damned Long…

…since i posted, but a lot has been happening at Chez Wunder this past month.

Work continues on my current, commissioned pair of Circle Socks, and on My July YOSS contribution, which will be part of Kay Gardiner’s Socks for Stephen Colbert project — an effort to get Mr. Colbert to cover the C&D letter sent to Ravelry by teh US Olympics Committee, over the use oof the term “Ravelympics”.

Work also continues on my crochet baby blanket, although it’s a bit warm for making a thick, wintery blanket.

I’m also working on a secret knitting-related project that I cannot reveal just yet, but will be thrilled to reveal when the time is appropriate.

Unfortunately, all of these got thrown a bit out of whack when I spent four and a half days in the hospital for cellulitis that went both septic and systematic. (I am still on antibiotics, trying to get this stupid infection killed off completely, but at least they are now oral, and I can take them at home.) Unfortunately, the antibiotics make me a bit more sleepy than usual, but that’s life.

Also, in the days to come: The Ravellenic Games are starting tomorrow, when the Olympics officially start, and I am a co-captain for Team Plurk. My event will be Shawl Sailing, and I am intending to do Tabea Schmidt’s very pretty shawlette, Maluka.

I suspect it’s gonna be an interesting few weeks….


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