May has not Been the Kindest Month this Year

Life has been happening this month; nevertheless I have been knitting.

My May YOSS Project was Marilyn Phillippi’s Tilting Tardis Cowl. I used Fleece Artist’s Nyoni, in Melon, and the shawl came out perfectly gorgeous! This was made out of the yarn that was left over after I had completed my Marrowstone Shawl. It just needs the right buttons, and I am planning to get those in the next few days.

Knitting Marcy Vandale’s Marrowstone Shawl was great fun! I forget who on Plurk turned me on to this pattern, but thank you whoever it was! It worked up fairly quickly because the trim of the shawl was knitted sideways, then the stitches for body were picked up along one side of the edging. I chose this to increase my options for Wear A Shawl Day, which is the 11th of each month.

For this month’s charity knitting, I picked a crochet project, Cay Litchfield’s Baby Bobbles Blanket, specifically to use up a donation to my stash of acrylic yarn (National Yarn Crafts’ Natura Deluxe Acrylic) from a friend’s late mother’s stash. The colors so far are medium blue, lavender, light blue, and two different pastel ombre yarns. This is being done as a contribution to Project Linus.

My next stash-breaking project is Martina Kastanek’s Sunday Morning Shawl. I am using up a lot of fingering weight yarn for this project; It’s good to watch the odds and ends become something useful and pretty! It’s also good to reduce the number of small balls of yarn in my project basket! This project is another addition to my Wear a Shawl Day collection.

My last project on the needles is Wendy D. Johnson’s Toe Up Feather and Fan Socks. These have been lying fallow for a while, because I have had Real Life to deal with, but have now been picked up again, and I am about 1-3/4″ away from starting the heel. The yarn is Ethereal Fibers’ Nebula Sock in the “Thump” colorway. Sadly, the light in my room is yellowish,so the picture does not do the colorway justice. The colors in this yarn are truly luminous in daylight.

So, knitting-wise it has been a busy and productive month.

And my next installment should have some exciting news, if all goes well!


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