YOSS for January is finally finished

I finally got my January 2012 YOSS project done!

I thought this pattern would be a quick and easy one, but it was annoying and fiddly from the heel to the toe. I changed the toe shaping, since I did not have the time or energy to look up the pattern the designer used for that. Further, I found her shaping instructions to be annoying, and not suitable for doing as a true magic loop project, i.e., two socks at once. In fact, after the heel flap, I ended up moving one sock to a set of dpns, and finishing first the sock on the circular needle, then transferring the other sock back onto the circular needle and finishing it.

It was an interesting project, but I do not think I will be making this pattern again.


Finally got my January socks on the needles

It’s been one of those months.

I actually had work. And I was ill.

The result of those two things was that I did not finish my December socks until about 5 am this morning.

For the first sock of the 2012 Year of Stash Socks Challenge, I’ve chosen to do one of the socks from their “plain vanilla” list, the Arch Shaped Socks.

I do have one little treat — a friend and I were talking online, and I noted that I made stitch markers. Herewith, a pic of some of them.

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