It’s been a busy knitting month

I may be a touch late finishing my YOSS December Project.

I did get finished the following this month:

One pair Extra Toasty Toddler Mittens (see last post)

Two Preemie Hats

Frost Weekend Shawl

And finally, I finished a long-standing project: Dee’s Blanket.

My late fiance, Dee, had requested that I make a cotton blanket for him based on the Log Cabin Dishcloth pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. He did live long enough to see the finished knitted project, but when he passed I was in the middle of weaving in all the ends, and I couldn’t bear to work on it. I dug it out today, and finished weaving in the ends, and now I have a new blanket that has a lot of good (and a lot of bittersweet) memories.

I should have the socks finished soon, but getting these projects off my plate felt really good.


A Gift for a Friend’s Kid, from a Friend

Every so often, I knit for someone else. Sometimes, those are paid commissions, sometimes commissions from love.

A friend of mine wanted a pair of toddler mittens to give to a mutual friend’s son for the holiday this year. Here they are:

The pattern I used was Rachel Leverton’s Extra-Toasty Toddler Mittens. Because they are for a young boy, the mittens need to be machine washable. The yarn the pattern uses is Caron’s Simply Soft, and I was lucky enough to find it in a deep blue at the local SAV-A-THON (Flatbush Avenue, between Avenues T & U). I made the cord that joins the mittens a bit over 5′ long, on the grounds that they can always be knotted shorter, the way my parents did when I was small enough to have joined mittens.

I’m just hoping the young man in question likes them, since — while I know both of his parents — I have never actually met him.

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