I Knew There Was a Reason I Knit

It’s been one of those months already.

My computer crashed out on Friday, and refused to reboot. Fortunately, this was a slow week, writing wise, so I didn’t have to worry too much about getting assignments done.

Like many HP computers, mine came pre-loaded. This meant that I never received an installation disk for Vista. Fortunately, however, I am blessed with a number of friends who are much more computer-savvy than I am. My friend D, a sysadmin, immediately helped me use my roommate’s computer to make an ubuntu boot thumb drive (which is what I am running on at the moment), and two friends that I met through last year’s NaNoWriMo ran various diagnostics with me, and helped me acquire a Vista 32-bit recovery disk. However, because the machine came pre-loaded, Microsoft claims HP has to deal with it. HP says it’s out of warranty and won’t even talk to me about it unless I hand them $60 for a one-shot, or send them the machine and $400, which just isn’t happening. Meanwhile, the main issue was getting to my files, so that I could copy them to a disk and not lose my records from freelancing since January.

As anyone who has dealt with this kind of thing knows, all the copying, testing, waiting on perma-hold, etc. takes lots of time, and almost infinite patience. While the time was not a major issue, infinite patience is not something I have been blessed with. So I dealt with the frustration the only way I knew how. I knit.

For years I have been telling people who ask why I knit that, “It’s cheaper than therapy, and I have {socks/sweaters/shawls/afghans/etc.} when I’m done.” Well, this time, what it got me was most of the first mitten of the pair I’m doing for my YOSS November project. I also got the patience to deal with all the nonsense that the computer issue had brought up.

I have spoken to the store I bought the computer at, and I’m still under the extended warranty I purchased when I bought it. My ex has an old laptop he can loan me for while it’s in the shop. Now, the only thing is to arrange picking up his laptop and bringing mine to the store.

While it’s out, I expect to finish the pair of Magic Mirror Mittens I am working on, and then to crochet a pair of rippled tube socks.


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