Some Days the Knitting Just Doesn’t Go as You Planned

I’ve been trying to design a new sock.

The plan was to knit the sock quickly, make sure the pattern was written correctly, get it to a beta knitter, and get it up on Ravelry. It would mean that this month I have completed four pairs of socks.

I started it as a toe-up. Had to rip back the foot a couple of times until I found a stitch pattern I liked with the yarn I wanted to use.

Then, I got the foot and the heel flap done and started to pick up for a gusset and realized that I had omitted the heel turn. Ripped back to where that should start. Realized I hadn’t documented what I did for the change from the foot to the heel flap, so I ripped back to that. Screwed up reknitting the heel flap three or four times. Got the heel flap knit, and the heel turned, then realized I had put them in backwards (the heel flap was on the sole of the sock). At that point, I ripped out the entire sock and went to bed.

This morning, I started the sock again, this time, as a cuff-down sock. It’s going smoothly so far, and I am taking it slowly. I have the leg and heel planned out, with preliminary notes in a text document.

I’m still hoping to have the pair done by the end of the month, and to find another beta knitter, but we’ll see what happens.


A Bit of Progress

I got the sock I was designing, Chuffed, finished on the 2nd.

The yarn is Morandia’s MIB Fibers MCN yarn in Lavender and Lime.

I then got my first pair of October socks for the YOSS-2011 Challenge done on he 10th. Not being fond of the two patterns chosen, I decided to do Jeannie Cartmel’s Magic MirrorSocks, using the honey brown BFL I bought from Zarzuela’s Fibers.

Those done, I cast on the Sunday Swing socks by Kristel Nyberg. Again I’m using MCN, this time in Pumpkin Spice, by Ethereal Fibers.

This sock is knitting up pretty quickly. With any luck, I will have the pair done to wear to the 3rd Saturday Fannish Party this weekend.

I’m running a little behind…

…on my stealth project, but I should have it finished by Sunday night. It’s looking good, and I have managed to get photos at various stages to put into the instructions.Once it’s done, I shall post pics.

I have a test knitter, but could use both a second test knitter, and someone to test read the pdf once it’s finished.

Again, comment below to help out, and thanks in advance!

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